Great Divide Oil Sands

Connacher is an oil company engaged in the exploration, development, production, and marketing of bitumen. Connacher owns and operates 87,040 acres of oil sands leases at Great Divide, located southwest of Fort McMurray, AB. Connacher is focused on growth in Alberta’s oil sands. Connacher’s strategy is to build repeatable, expandable and sustainable projects on its lands. Connacher owns approximately 450 million barrels of proved and probable bitumen reserves. Connacher's two in-situ oil sands projects, Pod One and Algar, located on our Great Divide leases are producing.

Due to a high quality oil sands reservoir with critical cap rock spread over the area, Connacher is able to utilize the proven technology of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) for its projects to date. This allows us to extract bitumen from oil sands formations, which are located approximately 475 meters below the surface of our leases. Connacher is not engaged in oil sands mining. SAGD is demonstrated in the diagram below.

The term in-situ refers to the process whereby bitumen is separated from the sands while still underground in the oil sands original location. This stands in contrast to oil sands mining operations, where the separation takes place after the oil sands are moved from their original location.

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)